Off-site backup is the process of copying your business data from your local server or PC to remote storage servers (cloud storage). The data is transmitted over a secure encrypted Internet tunnel. File blocking technology is used to transmit only the changes to files to speed the transfer process.
LQC maintains data storage servers at our office in Colorado Springs. Our client business data is updated every business night with the changes that have occurred earlier that business day. This data can be stored in encrypted format as well.
In the event of business catastrophy, LQC will create DVD or external USB disk media of all backup data and deliver or ship them to the client. This data can then be restored to the client local servers.
Off-site backup is intended to enable the business to recover all business essential user data safely and quickly from a major catastrophe such as fire or theft or system crash. File recovery and system restore for corrupt or accidentially deleted files that occur in the normal course of business should be restored from the local backups.
Off-site data protection service is billed on a monthly basis.
File Storage Total            Monthly Cost
Up to 10GB                      $10
10GB to 50GB                  $15
50GB to 250GB              $25
250GB to 500GB            $40
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LQC Privacy Policy as it pertains to stored client data and information.

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