LQC Services incorporated in 1992 and have been providing computer services to Colorado Springs businesses ever since.  Much has changed in the realm of computer and information technology in the past two decades and LQC has stayed current.  An understanding of the history and evolution of a field of service is often a big advantage to solving current problems.  Give us a call and let us help you and your business use technology more effectively.

PRIVACY. We take yours seriously.
LQC Services provides off-site data backup storage for many of its clients and regularly works onsite with files servers or workstation computers that contain client confidential information. All information with the exception of public information and software applications, is treated as confidential information by LQC and its staff. As such, LQC will never make copies of said information unless directed by the client to do so and will not release any information to any third party unless legally compelled by law to do so. Further, the staff of LQC will not open any client data file with any software tool, unless requested by the client or compelled to do so by legal order.
The names of our clients are not disclosed to any outside agencies, mailing lists, groups, or persons without permission.