Using an Exchange server for email can provide many benefits to a mid or large size organization. LQC has partnered with BAE Systems Silver Sky to offer email accounts with 5GB or 25GB of storage.
Here are some details for SilverSky 2013 Enterprise Exchange 25GB accounts:
SilverSky Hosted Exchange 2013 Enterprise is designed for larger enterprise with a need for the highest level of distributed redundancy and disaster recovery. With fully featured data centers in San Jose, Washington D.C., Europe, and Asia Pacific, SilverSky provides geographic diversity ideal for maintaining system and data redundancy and optimal speeds.
  • Shared calendar, scheduling features and task management
  • Flexible mailbox options
  • Mobile device enhancements
  • Dedicated and shared environments
Key Benefits
  • Industry certified
  • Lower cost of ownership than on-premises hardware
  • Reduces management and maintenance issues
  • Continually updated, never grows obsolete
Pricing depends on the number of accounts needed. Click this link to see more information.