LQC recommends Sentinel One for antivirus and antimalware security protection. Click one of the links below to download the installer agent for either Windows or the Mac OS. You will need a license token in order to install Sentinel One. Your license token can be emailed to you by request from LQC or from your office manager.

Sentinel One Agent for Windows

Sentinel One Agent for Mac

LQC uses Team Viewer (version 11) for remote support. Click the link below to download the free quick support tool (LQC has license to this commercial version).

TeamViewerQS for Windows

TeamViewerQS for Mac

Malwarebytes is a leading security and protection company and their anti-malware product is excellent. They offer a free 14-day trial of their personal computer version (businesses can use this trial also to scan a suspected infected PC but the business version should be purchased later). Click the link below to download their trial version.

MalwarebytesTrialVersion for Windows

MalwarebytesTrialVersion for Mac

cCleaner is another useful tool for cleaning up tracking cookies and temporary Internet files that accumulate and eventually slow down your web browsing experience. They offer a free version which must be run manually from time to time or a paid version that monitors your computer actively and keeps it clean. Click the link below to download their free version.

cCleanerFreeVersion for Windows

cCleanerFreeVersion for Mac